Mabuasehube, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Mabuasehube is a remote wilderness area on the Botswana side of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Access to this part of the park is either via the South African side of the park, with passport formalities done at Two Rivers, or via Botswana.

Road from Mabuasehube to Hukuntsi

The Mabuasehube section of the park as a number of large pans which attract a large variety of antelope. Mabuasehube is home to a number of different types of predators such as lion, wild dog, cheetah and hyena. Most of these pans have between 2 and 4 camp sites with sometimes less than basic facilities, which is fine if your are completely self sufficient and have brought alone enough water and fuel. Some of the camp sites have water for washing, a shower and toilet but other camp sites have nothing but an “A” frame shelter. Camp are not fenced and care should be taken at especially at night. Children are allowed at these camps, unlike the unfenced camps on the SA side. Drinking water can be obtained at Mabuasehube gate staff quarters should you run out.

There are two roads that lead to Nossob on the South African side. The upper road is a wilderness trail that is restricted to no less than two vehicles at a time traveling from East to West and needs to be booked for in advance. No trailers are allowed on the wilderness trail. The lower trail is a public access road and can be traveled in either direction with a trailer. There is no minimum vehicle requirement on the lower road. The road between Mabuasehube and Nossob is 190km of thick sand which makes for slow driving, so allow enough time in your itinerary for the trip. There are two camp sites along the lower road that can be booked if you would like to break up the trip. All bookings for Mabuasehube can be made in Gaborone at the wildlife offices. You can also phone and book. If you are willing to take a chance on availability, you can also book and pay at the Mabuasehube gate.

Getting from Mabuasehube to Kaa gate

The best way to get from Mabuasehube to Kaa gate is to follow the cut line which is marked on the map as the boundary of the park. The wildlife/parks staff use this road top travel between Mabuasehube and Kaa gate. The road is thick sand, so a 4X4 is essential if traveling alone.




Getting from Mabuasehube to Kang

Leaving Mabuasehube gate going to Kang you travel North along the border of the park. At the North Eastern corner of the park you can either turn West and follow the road towards Kaa gate before turning North to Hukuntsi, or you can take the track leading North East which comes out on the Trans kalahari Highway 30 Km South of Kang. The latter, being the shorter route, is less traveled, and although it is a good 50km shorter overall, it has 30 Km more sand, and therefore will only gain you 30 mins or so on your dive time.

Mabuasehube – far from the madding crowd

If it’s an “alone on the planet” feeling you are after, then Mabuasehube is the place to go. Just to sit with a beer and watch the animals on the pan, knowing that there is not another person around for Kms, is well worth the effort in getting there. The fenced populated South African side of the park will be a bit of a let down after experiencing the remoteness of Mabuasehube.


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