From Kaa Gate – Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park to Zutshwa, Hukuntsi and Kang

Kaa Gate – Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
At the time of writing, Kaa Gate in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, has a camping area that is used for late arrivals to the park and other random one night stop overs. The Park authorities won’t allow anyone to travel in the park after hours so there is a camping spot near the gate for travellers coming from the east who, for whatever reason are held up and arrive too late to proceed. You don’t need to book for this camp site, you just turn up and pay at Kaa Gate. Even if you are coming from the east with the intention of exiting the Park at Kaa Gate, the Park authorities will allow you to stay at the camp for a night. The camp has two stands, one of which has running water, a shower and a toilet.

The road from Kaa Gate to Zutshwa

It is well worth camping at Kaa Gate during the dry winter months if you want to see lion as this is the only place for Kms that has water. There are a number of prides that frequent Kaa Gate because of the presence of a water hole. Be very careful between late afternoon and early morning around the camp site since the lions have been known to come and drink water from the shower cubicle. Always sleep with your tent zipped up, and don’t go to the toilet during the night. Lions will visit your tent at night, but you will be safe if you follow these basic rules.

Kaa Gate to Zutshwa
There are a number of tracks you can take as you leave the Park, depending on your final destination. If you intend stopping for the night in Kang, then the track that goes to Zutshwa is the nicest route. As you exit Kaa Gate, drive straight over the road/cutline onto a track that directly infront of you. This tract is visible from the Kaa Gate Office. After a number of Kms you will traverse another cut line. Cross this cut line and find the track to Zutshwa on the other side. 13Km from Kaa Gate is a huge pan with the hunting concession camp on the right up on the hill.

Game on a pan between Kaa Gate to Zutshwa

The track from Kaa Gate to Zutshwa is about 70kms. The average speed along this track is probably around 30Km per hour. So allow at least 2 ½ hours for the trip from the Gate to Zutshwa. The road is a sand track with the thickest sand found couple of hundred metres from Zutshwa as you arrive at the village. If you are coming from Kang direction, don’t let this section put you off. The game outside the park on the road to Zutshwa is abundant and the scenery is spectacular, with unspoiled bush, and wide open grassy plains.

If you do plan on traveling alone, make sure you tell someone where you are going and when they should expect to hear from you again. There is no cell phone signal anywhere between South Africa and Zutshwa. You might not get signal at Zutshwa either for that matter. Kaa Gate does have contact with the outside world if you do have an emergency. Hukuntsi has reliable cell phone signal.

As you arrive in Zutshwa from Kaa Gate, turn left into the village and then right around the top of the pan towards Hukuntsi. The road from Zutshwa to Hukuntsi in a rough gravel road of about 60Km. Top speed – 80km per hour, but allow at least an hours travelling time to get into Hukuntsi.

The road from Kaa Gate to Zutshwa

From Zutshwa to Hukuntsi
As you start coming into Hukuntsi you will be circumventing the northern part of the pan. Follow the road around to the tar road, turn right at the tee junction and left on the first tar road you find towards Kang. There is a filling station on the road to Kang about 1km on the right. There is also a little shop at the filling station. In Addition, there is a “Cash and Carry” type shop on the same road, where you can stock up on food, wine, beer and spirits.

From Hukuntsi to Kang
The road from Hukuntsi to Kang is a bad tar road, top speed is around 80Km per hour. The Chinese are redoing the road, but it looks like they will be busy with it until Armageddon at the rate they are working. Kang is a great place to stop the night, but if you decide to bush camp instead, there is a nice, secluded place about 68Km along the road to Kang on the left hand side. A gravel road will take you 1.5km over a dune to a pan. Lions have been reported in the area, so be alert.

Arriving in Zutshwa from Kaa Gate

Total estimated traveling time from Kaa Gate in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park to Kang via Zutshwa and Hukuntsi is 4 ¾ hours.

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